Sunday, December 20, 2009

Philippine Embassy in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Today I've been in the Embassy of the Philippines here in Riyadh from 10:00 AM until 5:00 P.M. for what reason? Because of the SPA (Special Power of Attorney) that was required by PAG-IBIG Fund. The reason behind this post are just to share my experience acquiring this important document to my fellow OFW's  i am hoping not to offend any Agency or Person's regarding the facts that i will share here.

The Story

Roughly around 10:00 in the morning i arrived at the Philippine consulate my purpose is to get my SPA authenticated. I started by asking a fellow OFW where to get this kind of document authenticated and the guy tell's me just go there inside pointing in the main hall of the establishment i hurriedly walk to the hall and fortunately i saw one of my co-worker waiting inside so i ask him where to get this document he tells me go there inside that office pointing to the other side behind a glass door where i got in for just 3 minutes and asking the cashier in window 6 how can i get my SPA stamped, He shows me a form like what i have and i told him that Pag-Ibig already sent me one so he did not bother to give to me anymore instead he take a look at what i am holding and showing him and tells me "OK do you have a passport?" i answered "Yes here it is sir." he gave me some instructions that i have to make a photocopy of it and the SPA and get to witnesses who will sign. It was easy for me to accomplished this task upon accomplishing i get back to him but i recognize that he was talking to a Saudi National so dont bother to disturb him and just wait until they finished but the Saudi guy cannot understand what he mean so i help him by interpreting in arabic what my countrymen is saying so its was done & now its my turn again i handed over to the cashier the papers and he ask me to pay 100 SAR for the consularization of the docume nts which is the standard charge of the embassy and tells me ok it will be released around 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm its already past ten in the morning at that moment so i tell to my self i will only be waiting only severals hours.

Waiting Time

Its already 11:00 am my stomach starts to look for something to digest so i proceed to the embassy canteen to make some launch i saw a lot of my "kabayans" but something reminded of the "xerox" cost per page since the photocying service is inside also the canteen (Food + Radiation=Hazard) i was very upset with this service not due to the quality of it.... because of the overpricing!!! 1 Saudi Riyal per page which is not a reasonable price for such thing! anyway its only one riyal.... but still one riyal is one riyal (12 Pesos). "Forget it i told to my self silently". When i was about to go to the buffet i try to look what kind of dish they are serving. I ask the attendant "Ate how much is this?" she tells me its 12 Riyals per meal -ok, still its overpriced but what can i do. i don't have any choice since it is the only canteen. But what i dont like to our fellow kabayan's is this - when i ask if i can have a free soup from the other dish, before she gave still i heard that

"baka mawalan na nag sabaw yung tinola pero sige bibigyan na lang kita..." -- "Parang nakalimutan nya ata na kababayan nya ako... tsk..tsk.. lahat na lang ba naman pera, sabi ko sa sarili ko, pag nasa ibang bansa pala nakakalimutan na nang pinoy ang mga ugaling tama eh kahit ibang lahi namimigay dito pag nasa restaurant ka, kung ayaw nila mamigay ng ganyang sabaw sana maglagay na lang sila ng soup sa menu nila kahit bilhin na lang ng mga OFW ."

anyway still ok lang sabi ko sa sarili ko.

I have finished my meal and take a cigarette outside the canteen, i chatted with some of my  "kabayans" and at around 1:00 pm i go back to the consular processing area to follow up what i am asking for, since i already pay for it and the cashier told me that around that time it will be released. But unfortunately when i ask the releasing officer if my document is already done?. he told me that later it will be released come back around 2:00 pm so still another hour of waiting. I come back around 2 pm but still they have some reasons that the consul is now officiating a marriage rights inside, please come back at 3pm! what the heck another hour??? i ask to my self ... ok what can i do?.. so i have waited until 3pm and when i ask them - they say please wait... but i cannot stop my self and i started talking to the releasing officer i told him if he could search the bunch of papers for my documents he tried, but found nothing. until around 4:00 pm  reaches and the counters staff start disappearing since they are leaving around 4 pm. There are 5 of us waiting for the same kind of documents the other one is telling the releasing office that he needs it today and i remember that there is a Saudi national also which is almost shouting and telling them that he is in critical situation and cannot stay anymore in Riyadh at that moment so he ask if he could authorized somebody for tomorrow to get the document which i heard is his brother. to continue with my story the 5 of us are all filipinos 4 of us are only following up by our selves the other one has his wife and a 1year  & 8months daughter with him... i feel pity to  this guy he is telling to the releasing officer that still they are not taking any food since morning just because of this documents also an SPA and a Contract of Employment. The releasing officer ask us if we could come back tomorrow but we replied all that we cannot since they already tell us to wait until that moment. we ask if they could inform the consul for it that there are still some persons waiting for his very important signature. at that time almost 4:45 pm they tell us "Ok just wait the consul will arrived around 5 pm" i told to my self  GREAT! at last. so all of the others seated... i go outside to pee in the toilet at the back of the consulate i saw a man cleaning a car and i ask him if the consul already arrived he ask did you already saw a car that has a number 1 plate? i told him no i did not saw.... so he is still not there, he replied..then i proceed to the toilet and go back to the releasing area when i go back the processing officer announced that our document now is ready to be released. that was around 5:05 pm at last the burden was finished... Al ham Dulilah! but still i have doubts if its the real consul signature since i did not see a car with a no. 1 Plate. :-)


  1. naku poh! eh wala namang bago dito sa kwento mo eh! pero that was not your lucky day so to speak. masakit lang talaga na kapwa ka bayan mo eh susupladahan ka pa eh sabaw lang naman ang hiningi mo! at syempre though in fairness lang naman sa ating mas nakakaraming mga mangagawa sa embassy na marunong umintindi sa ating hinaing at mga good service talaga sa mga kababayan natin eh kudos to them all! At sa mga iba naman nating mga kababayan nag wo work sa phil. embassy eh sana naman wag po naman tayong maging masama ang ugali! lalu na yung mga nag pa part time na taxi or mga Pilipinong taxi driver na mas mataas ang singil sa normal na price ng taxi! parepareho lang naman nating gustong kumit ng pera eh sana dahil kababayan nyo eh maski na wala nang discount wag lang sobrahan ang singil, kasama na dito ang mga pagkain sa mga Philippine restaurants dito sa KSA! Ang kanin kakarampot, eh kumain ka kaya sa Indian and Pakistani restaurant eh paghindi ka nananwa sa 1 riyal na kanin lalu na sa mga Arabic or Afghani restaurant sarap pa ng rice sa 1 riyal or 2 riyals tatlong tao ang makaka kain ng binili mong kanin, ang mura di ba? So, meron pa bang bago ng bago sa ating mga Pinoys? Mapag kunwari tayong mga Pinoy, kunyari matulungin kapag nababahaan , nasasalanta sa bagyo, pero ang iba naka abang sa mga mananakaw nila sa mga nasalanta! PWE! Ay teka, pero hindi lahat ng PInoys ha, meron lang talagang mga bugok na itlog sa lahat ng society ng bawat bansa! Siguro na ma magnify lang kasi nakikita natin at sa ibang bansa eh di naman natin nakikita at nalalaman! Ewan di ko alam kung mag babago pa ang negative side nating mga Pinoys! Yon lang po!

  2. Hello sir Ask ko po pwede po ba iqama ang ipresent pag kukuha ng spa gagamitin ko kasi para makuha nila ang documents ko sa pinas

  3. mga boss anu po sked ng embassy bukas kya cla sa hajj tnx s sasagot.